There is designated outdoor space for Caterers at IOW Gothic Circus Festival.

Allocating and positioning of Catering Spaces is at the discretion of The Isle of Wight Gothic Circus Festival organisers.

Electricity can be supplied as indicated on the application form. No private generators to be brought on the grounds. If you have any further queries about this matter, please contact us.

Caterers will need to have set up their area by 10:00 am on 24rd May, 2019 the latest.

Caterers are required to stay for the full duration of the main event i.e. from 24.05.2019 to 27.05.2019. No refunds are given, upon submission of this Application.

Catering Spaces are not transferable. 

Caterers who do not turn up to an event they have booked are not entitled to refund.

Caterers may only sell goods stated on their application form.

Please be assured that it is in our best interest to provide our IOW Gothic Circus Festival attendees with a variety of food and refreshment options at fair prices.

Please include your Menu & Prices with this application.

We do not supply any equipment. Please ensure you bring your own.

Please ensure your equipment is properly maintained and has passed appropriate safety checks before the event. We advised that any Caterers using electrical equipment, gas bottles or generators ensure that all equipment is properly tested and checked by a professional before the event.

You must have current copies of all safety certificated and you must include them with this application.

All Caterers are expected to be registered and checked with their local council and are obliged to follow this up. Please bring safety certificates along with you to the event. We do work closely with the local council who will be doing a check of all Caterers on site so please be prepared for this possibility.

We require a Risk Assessment for each Caterer attending The Isle of Wight Gothic Circus Festival 2019.

We require a Food and Hygiene Certificate for each Caterer attending The Isle of Wight Gothic Circus Festival 2019.

The Isle of Wight Gothic Circus Festival have a strict recycling policy in place and appreciate your support with this, please manage your own waste and recycle where possible – Love the countryside, Leave no trace!

The Isle of Wight Gothic Circus Festival organisers reserves the right to refuse or remove Caterers at anytime if it is felt they are not complying with the rules of the Festival or causing a nuisance during the Festival.

Caterers are responsible for the insurance of their own property and must have Public Liability Insurance to the value of at least £1m at the time of the event.

The Isle of Wight Gothic Circus Festival will not be responsible for any loss or damage of equipment or stock.

All caterers must have Public Liability Insurance. In the event of an incident, you could be held responsible and your insurance company would deal with any claim.

Caterers must submit photocopies of their insurance cover with the application form and have originals with them for inspection at the time of the event.

Caterers are responsible for clearing out all their rubbish after the event. Charges may apply, if the stall space left in unsatisfactory manner.

The Isle of Wight Gothic Circus Festival reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time by giving notice to the Trader via the contact details provided on the application form whenever they are of the opinion that the continuance of the hiring would not be in the interests of the good and safe management of the site. This may be due to factors such as adverse weather or any other beyond The Isle of Wight Gothic Circus Festival’s control.